Laikin Studio is a nimble and spirited design studio,

run by me - Kaitlyn Badger. Founded in Spring 2019,  the studio was born out of my years of creative marketing and design experience.

Laikin Studio creates brand identities and websites for the little guys with big hearts. This is good design, for good people. This is smart, and spirited.

‘Pronounced lar-kin’ - it’s yorkshire-talk for playing.

About Me

Hello! I’m Kaitlyn.

I’m an American designer and letterer based in Leeds, UK with years of experience in creative marketing. Known for my colourful and hand-drawn style, I create brands and websites that are delight.

When I’m not creating, you can likely find me walking in the Yorkshire countryside, reading the paper/historical fiction or trying to pet a dog under a table in the pub.