Laikin’s vision

My aim is to help you reach your personal, financial and business goals so you can live well.

Laikin isn’t about hustling or burning the candle at both ends but instead about a more holistic, considered and thoughtful approach to life and business. You bring your vision, goals and story, I’ll find the right way to use strategy and design to move you where you’d like to be.

Every business owner has their own goals and priorities, and our projects will reflect that. Once you get in touch we’ll speak about how we can purposefully use design to reach your unique goals. You’ll then receive a custom proposal that is tailored to you.

‘I’m super happy with how my new website is performing. The goal was to create a site that encouraged more people to inquire about booking my services. The new site has been live for three months now, and I now receive new project inquiries every week through the contact form! I’ve also had lots of compliments on the design.

If you’re looking to work with a strategic, professional studio with brilliant creative vision I’d highly recommend Laikin Studio.’
- Matilda, Miel Digital

Brand Identity

Laikin is most known for brand identities and website design.

Brand identity projects typically include
∙Creative direction
∙Primary logo and secondary mark
∙Colour palette
∙Typography system
∙Pattern or Illustration
∙Brand Guidelines
And often include
    ∙Photography direction
    ∙Print collateral like business cards
    ∙Digital collateral like social assets

Web design &

Website deliverables vary greatly based on your businesses functions, such as ecommerce or service based. Laikin develops semi-custom Shopify websites and fully custom Squarespace and Webflow sites in-house. For other fully custom sites, I work with developers who are experts in their field.

‘Kaitlyn, I LOVE it!!!! Wow. It’s perfect. I’m so happy & can’t wait to show people. I love the simplicity and elegance.’
– Kelly S. Samuels, Writer


Anything of quality takes time.

Laikin Studio believes in the slow and steady. At the beginning of the project we will outline a timeline together we think will work for the project, at a pace that feels true to what we’re trying to achieve. This can ebb and flow throughout the project, but the goal is to create lasting design to move you forward.

Aesthetics preferences are subjective, good design is not.

Good design solves problems. It’s not simply about aesthetic preferences, but instead how things function. Laikin creates visual design that serves a purpose, the design plays an active role in helping you reach your vision and goals.

Beauty is deep and comes from thoughtful engagement.

Laikin isn’t in the business of producing ‘sameness’ or simply pretty things. By getting to know and engaging with your story, your vision and goals, the studio creates beautiful design that is steeped in meaning and purpose for your brand.

Connection is rooted in the story.

Our need for connection drives so much of what all of us do. Where would we be without it? I want your people to connect with you, and that comes from owning and telling your story. Both you and your people should feel connected and understood through the visual design.

Frequent questions

When can we start?

Most projects are booked 1–3 months in advance. If you get in touch I can let you know when the next availability is.

How long does a typical project take?

This depends on the project’s needs. But a typical brand identity project or website project takes 3 months.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, you can pay in instalments of 2, 3 or 4. Major credit cards are accepted.

When is the right time to start?

To get the most out of this process, you’ll want to be really clear on your vision and goals. If you have a brand strategy, that’s even better. If you’d like to work with Laikin on a brand strategy, just get in touch.