How to get into creative flow quickly, with limited time.

Finding time to create as a young parent or any kind of caregiver is difficult. So much of your energy and thought is put into other people, which is a beautiful and tremendous experience. One of the difficult parts of that experience is that there becomes more obstacles to get in the way of getting into a creative flow and creating. It’s not just whether you are sick that day, but whether the person/people you take care of are sick that day...

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A typical day in the life of a self-employed designer and mum

6.15–6.30am I wake up. No alarm clock is needed when you have a toddler! I can hear him chatting to himself through our baby monitor. I lazily stumble out of bed and into his room, he reaches his arm up and smiles...

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Where are all the self-employed mums?

Let’s set the scene:

It’s the Summer of twenty-twenty. We’re mid pandemic and everything is locked down here in the UK. I’ve been self-employed for less than a year, and I’m now excitedly, pregnant.  This is brilliant news, and something my husband and I had been trying and planning for. Now what…?

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Introducing my new Skillshare Class

Before the Design: Planning & organising your creative or business website. A class for anyone feeling frusturated that their website isn't quite hitting the mark. Before you design, let's plan how to reach your goals.

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Don’t invest in design, until you’re clear on these things.

There is no doubt about it, design is a powerful tool. Design, good or bad, is proven to change the way we feel, think and importantly – behave. That’s why it’s so crucial  to invest time and money into good, smart and strategic design.

In your business and life, design can help you to reach your personal, financial and creative goals.

To start with, good, smart and strategic design requires information, knowledge and insight.  We can use design as a tool, but first we need to know what we’re making and most importantly – why?

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Planning Content for your website: 3 Common Mistakes for Website Copy

If you’re currently planning content for a website, or will be soon, this episode is for you.

I’ve been creating digital content and working on websites for the past seven years. Websites have changed a lot over that time, and trends come and go. But today I want to talk about three things that will always be problematic in website copy, if you want to have a clear and strategic website.  

Keep on the look out for these.

Copy that is…

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Ready for a new website? Start here.

So you’re ready for a new website? You’re clear on your purpose and goals, and know this is the right step to move you forward. Firstly, that’s a mammoth decision in itself, and should be recognised as such.  You know the direction you want to move in and why, that’s a huge part of this process. That’s what’s going to keep you on track and guide you through this process. Momentum is going to wane and wax in this project, so keep coming back to your goals and why to reignite you and move you forward.

What’s next?

Is it looking for a website designer? Maybe heading to Pinterest for inspiration? Maybe to start writing your about page?

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Design Budget: where should a young business invest their money?

Young businesses need to invest smartly. When a business is young it’s likely to not have a lot of capital, money specifically designed for expenditure. So knowing where to smartly invest our finances matters greatly.

The most important thing to remember in the beginning is – your bills have to be paid. Spending £10,000 on a website design and development project is most likely not a smart business move to begin with. Not because it isn’t a worthwhile business investment in general, but because we each have different budgets and needs at different times.

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Introducing Design your Vision

Design your Vision is a new podcast by Laikin Studio.

Let’s start with my philosophy…

I believe we all have the right to live well, in whatever way that looks for each of us.

I don’t buy into the culture of hustling or burning the candle at both ends but instead I feel steadfast in seeking out a more holistic, considered and thoughtful approach to life and business.

That isn’t to say there aren’t moments for sprinting, but those moments aren’t our whole lives. Our professional and financial goals are a part of our bigger lives.

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Naming Your Business 

Naming your business can feel like a mammoth task, but  above all it is a highly creative and certainly can be enjoyable process. As with any process, it's worth following steps, as opposed to simply throwing ideas against the wall and seeing what sticks.

Here is the process I walk through when coming up with relevant, purposeful and brand appropriate names for your business.

Know Your Business

It’s important to understand that your business name is a big part of your brand identity. People will say the word out loud, write it down, type it out, search for it on Google, and hopefully whisper it to their friends. 

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