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Please Explain / What’s a submark?

Like any field, there is a lot of language used in graphic design that can be confusing, and intimidating. One such word that I get asked about a lot in brand identity projects is ‘marks’ or ‘submarks

Today’s quick post is going to break down what they are, and why you might want a few.

A submark, is kind of like a small, secondary visual representation of your visual identity. When we design a visual identity, we’re thinking about giving a voice to a brand, we’re creating a whole visual language that can be used. The logo is the most obvious piece of that, we all recognise the Nike swoosh, right? But you can’t just have one piece of language to define your brand, you need many. Why?

Because your brand is going to be visually speaking across different digital platforms and print media’s over a course of lots of time. You may have a small postcard and want the logo on the front, but you want to carry that visual language to the back without just repeating the logo. That’s the perfect time to have a submark. To add in the reminder of who you are, without just saying ‘Hi my name is’ on both sides. 

So quick recap.

A submark, is a secondary visual representation of your visual brand identity. 

You may want one or two or three, because it will help expand the visual language of your brand, giving you more flexibility. 

Do you have any brand or website questions, that you’d like explained? Just pop me an email or come say hi over on Instagram. Knowledge is power people, so let’s share what we know and spread that power around.