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October Tech Refresh

October is the best month. I won't hear it any other way! The air gets crisp, colours seem to burst everywhere and the squirrels look very, very cute collecting and burying their chestnuts outside my flat.

While I love spending time outside in the summer, I love that combination of cold walks in the Autumn with more evenings spent inside. At the moment I'm on a real Agatha Christie kick! I think dark Autumn nights are the perfect time to invest our time in beautiful books, and that uplifting and cosy feeling inspired this month's Tech Refresh.

I'm also on a real type kick at the moment. As a designer, I tend to be more interested in colour, texture and pattern than layout and type. I know, I know – that's so not cool of me! But right now I'm really enjoying exploring type foundries and discovering some new types to play with. If you're interested, the typeface used here is Moret from The Northern Block.

Have a beautiful October everyone!

Desktop 01
Desktop 02
Phone 01
Phone 02