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Inspiration 〰️ Matilda Goad

Design inspiration doesn’t always come from the obvious, it’s not alway from Graphic Design or Web Design. The past few months, being stuck indoors has led me to exploring interior design more and more, and can I say, I’m glad that I have, because it led me to a new designer who’s work I can’t get enough of. 

Designer and creative consultant Matilda Goad has a way with colour and texture. From her woven ceramic lamps to colour wheel plates, everything she creates has the perfect balance of joy and frivolity with interest and consideration. Once you start spotting her work, it’s hard to ignore, in fact, half of my Instagram saves are of her work! 

Pairing delicate lace with chunky ceramics, the juxtaposition makes it far more interesting than something that leans too delicate or too strong.

Talk about a colour and pattern combo, I’m just waiting for the moment a cow print works in a project I’m working on!

Matilda’s Papier collection features soft and playful lines in great colour combos.

Adding texture beneath the colour on these plates bring them back down to Earth, keeping it from feeling too child like, adding that edge of sophistication. 

All images are from Matilda Goad’s Instagram, which you should certainly spend some time in.