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Inspiration 〰️ Leslie David

Probably one of the most distinct logotypes of the past five years is Glossier’s. A relatively new brand on the scene, Glossier has made a major splash. As someone who currently has Boy Brow and Lash Slick in my make-up bowl ( that’s right, I’ve got a ceramic bowl, not a bag!), I’m a big fan of their products. But more than that, I’m very into their visual identity.

Remember when everyone constantly kept talking about was Millennial Pink? We pretty much have Glossier to thank for that moment. And as a millennial, I’m not mad about being tied to that colour! 

But beyond our delight at that light, bright, pink, the logotype and mark itself are unmistakable. 

About a year ago, I became pretty obsessed with the black-lettered G and  Glossier logotype in their visual identity. And that led me down a happy trail to find the designer Leslie David, who with Charlotte Delarue created the identity system and logotype. 

Image from Glossier.

Leslie’s work is filled with playful choices. There’s a lot of movement, light-filled colours and spirited illustrations. It’s exactly the kind of thing I’m drawn to. In all of my work, there is this sweet, sweet spot between playful and refined that I’m constantly trying to work towards. Leslie’s work hits that spot every time. Her use of colour, movement and illustration propel the visuals with purpose but also ease. It doesn’t try to hard, even when it’s for huge, mega-chic brands.  It’s sophisticated, and fun. 

Image from Leslie David’s website

Exhibit A. This visual identity and Art Nouveau inspired logo for the hat designer Olivia Latinovich. It feels so cool, but isn’t off putting because it’s also so amusing and lively! 

Image from Leslie David’s website

This past Spring, I’ve had a major love affair with bandana’s, as can be attested by my Pinterest board. I know literal bandana’s, alongside neck-ties and cowboy boots have had a big resurgence in fashion in the last couple of years, and I’ve not hated that. 

I think it must be my American roots subconsciously drawing me to this visual. I’m feeling all things Americana at the moment. Although, you’re far more likely to find me in trainers or docs than cowboy boots! Should I get cowboy boots? 

Shoe choices aside, these designer invitations with a bandana style print is exactly the kind of thing filling my dreams at the moment.

 Image from Leslie David’s website

Now on to some movement. These animated collages created for Adidas Gazelle relaunch are uber-refreshing. In a digital world where so much stands still, movement can give us a stimulating jolt that wakes up our senses. These are a great reminder that moving images can have lots of different rhythms and tempos in them. 

Gif from Leslie David’s website

Overall, I just can’t get enough of this designer’s work. And equally as important, I think I’ll forgo the cowboy boots, and stick to trainers.

Although I am also fickle, so let me know if you think that’s a good way to go. 👢