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My Design Proccess

Process. It’s not exactly a fun word. Maybe it makes you think of desk work, of papers and hole punches and staplers piled high. It's waiting in a queue. It's filling out a form for your first appointment with a dentist. In a word, it's, boring. It's repetition, it's dull.

But as not-fun as the word sounds when it first passes through my ears, it turns out, processes are pretty great! They help us to know what to expect, to plan ahead, to make the most of our time, and that's definitely not boring. 

If you're about to book a brand identity project with a designer, chances are, you'd like to know a bit about what to expect.

So here I am, laying down my design process for you to gaze at in all it's non-boring but does have a bit of 'paperwork' glory. If you've worked with a designer before, it may all sound pretty familiar to you. If you haven't, hopefully this clarifies what to expect working with me! While this can vary a bit based on each individual project, this is the real meat of the process. The strong core to our brand design planet. The has-to-happen-so-we-can-create-a-thoughtful-strategic-brand-identity part of the process.

Before you book:

  1. Inquiry Email: Hey! Thanks for the email! I'll pop you a message back, asking you a few questions about your business. I'll also invite you to schedule a call with me so we can speak further.
  2. We talk: Gah, I love to talk, this is great! But more importantly, this is so I can get to know what you're looking for and who you are. That helps me to create a proposal and price quote that are tailored to your unique needs. It also means you get to meet me, get a feel for how I work, and see if you think we'd be a match!
  3. Proposal: Post video call rendez-vous, I’ll send you over a proposal. It will have all the details and options that I think are right for you based on our chats. I’ll include a timeline too, because it's super useful. In general, a brand identity project takes around 4-6 weeks, a brand identity and web design project takes 10-12 weeks. Though it can vary, based on what you need.

Once you feel comfortable and confident that I am the right designer for you, the real fun begins!

Yay! You’ve booked:

  1. Questions & Answers: I’ll send over some really detailed questions. I'll ask about your business in depth, and crucially - your customers.  
  2. Discovery Phase: The Discovery Phase is the solid foundation your brand identity will be built on. Before my pencil touches the paper or I open up my design software, it's all about researching. I'm full on Nicholas Cage-ing, this is a National Treasure style deep-dive, looking for clues at every turn.  I’ll look at your business, what your competitors are doing, and the goals of the project(like making more sales!) Then, it's moodboard time.  I'll layout how we're going to strategically use visuals to impact your customers. We'll hop back on a video chat and I'll personally walk you through a presentation of the Discovery Phase. Once you sign off, we'll both know the direction we're headed in for the rest of the project. Awesome. 
  3. Initial Concepts: For a brand identity project I’ll send you three concepts. Each one will have a logo and logo variations, a colour palette, type, and any other features we discussed in the proposal.  We'll schedule another time for a video call and I'll walk you through the concepts. After you take some time to think through it all, you'll be asked to pick a concept to take forward. We're getting so close, you've now had a tase of what your brand identity is going to be! 
  4. Revisions: Once you've signed off on your choice and given me feedback, I'll get to work on making revisions. At this part in the process, these shouldn't be too huge, as we've been narrowing down visual concepts since wayyy back in the Discovery Phase. I usually include one round of revisions in the plan, but if any sneaky issues crop up, we can add in another. 
  5. Collateral: We've only gone and done it, you've signed off on your brand identity! You're almost ready to launch! Now I’ll get to work on anything else we agreed on in the proposal. That might be printed items like business cards or something digital like a website.
  6. Handover + Launch:  The excitement is real! I’ll pass over all of your files and make sure you are ready for your launch day. I'll also give you some tips and tools you can use to implement your brand identity as you go forth into the world.

And there you have it. It's all just a series of exciting, creative, strategic, thoughtful steps - a process. 

To sum this all up I'll leave you with these incredibly fitting lyrics from the hit broadway musical adaptation of Legally Blonde.

'That's the best part

The outside is new.

But now it reflects, what's already in you.

Couldn't change that if I wanted to

And I do not.’

If you're interested in a new brand identity, or a brand redesign, don't hesitate to get in touch. I'd love to hear about your business, and see how I can help!