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Ecommerce Tips // About Page

Transparency in business is incredibly important right now. If we take a look at our world around us, it’s not hard to see. The youth are striking against companies that invest in fossil fuels, including charitable organisations. Independent maker markets are popping up  in city centre store fronts where mega chains, now bankrupt, used to trade. The saying, vote with your dollar, is uttered approximately every second in the States, and we’re all starting to give up products that are wrapped in too much plastic.

We’re each highly aware of how our buying choices affect the world around us, the people around us - and it doesn’t look like that’s going away anytime soon.

We’re also less likely to trust people right now. Statistics about Generation Z show they’re less trusting than Millennials… and we Millennials are already pretty untrusting, much less so than our parents! We’ve been burned too many times, it takes time for a person or a business to build trust with us.

Because your shop exists in this world, at this moment in time, this matters for you. 

The great news is, if your shop’s about page is clear about who you really are, you can start building that trust now. 

Here are my top two tips for your shop’s About page. 

1. Be a human, tell a story.

There’s nothing quite as human as telling, or listening to, a story. We love it, we can’t get enough of it! It’s a very intimate act to tell a story, it’s full of little details about ourselves that others might miss. When we tell our story, when it comes from a place of honesty and graciousness, we stop being businesses, and start being people. It’s a brilliant way to help customers get to know you, and to trust you. 

As a small business, you should take advantage of this strength. You can tell your story, because it’s not the story of someone else from 50 years ago. It’s your's to share.

2. Share what’s important to you, and highlight what you’re doing about it. 

Talk openly and clearly about the why that’s at the centre of your business. Maybe it’s hand-crafting each item, taking time and care over it. Maybe it’s paying your employee’s living wage. Maybe it’s using local ingredients for your jam so that you’re supporting other local businesses. Whatever it is that matters to your business beyond making profits, it should be highlighted here. 

Why? Because people want to buy from businesses that share their view point. Personally, at the moment, I’m making an effort to not buy any new clothing unless I know it’s from an environmentally responsible shop or second hand. So the first thing I do when I go to a shop online is head it’s about page to learn if that business shares the same ethical principles as me. Not because I want to rail against those that don’t, but because I need to know if this is the shop for me! 

Your about page is the perfect place to share what’s important to you business, what you care about, what you’re committed to.