Kelly S. Samuels

Visual Brand Identity, Web Design & Squarespace Development

Kelly approached me looking for help developing her Author Platform. She needed visuals that represented who she was as a professional writer, and a website that could clearly communicate that to her growing audience. 

For this project we needed to define the visual language for Kelly S. Samuels, the writer and soon to be published author. We leaned into simple and striking visuals that feel professional, sophisticated and polished to attract high calibre agents. We used colour and illustration to bring wit, femininity and beauty to the visual identity. 

We wanted to make sure our brand felt authentic, exuding personality and warmth at every touch point. We also designed and developed a custom Squarespace website Kelly would feel proud directing agents, publishers and readers to. As her audience grows, we wanted her to be able to update and manage the site easily on her own. Squarespace was the perfect fit for this. 

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