Illuminated Shadows

Typography, Colour & Shopify Website

Illuminated Shadows are a brilliant small business that connect curious creators with high-quality tutorials from independent creatives. Started by two film-makers their tutorials are truly breath-taking.  When we began our work together, their old website was no longer cutting the mustard. They needed a cohesive visual language that communicated who they are to their audience. They also needed a website that supported better back-end functionality to move the business forward.

The team were using Wix before and were feeling it’s limitations as far as marketing and back-end support. Their website’s main function is as a marketplace for their tutorials, so we moved them over to Shopify and created a new digital experience for both their website users and themselves. We defined the brand’s typography and colour palette, creating an inspiring visual language that captured the independent spirit of the brand and it’s customers. 

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